Ideas2Assets Podcast

Find out if you have an Idea that is a great asset

Our Ideas2Assets podcast is focused on the idea that you should consider every idea you have as a valuable asset. Check out the conversations between our contrarian hosts as they discuss startups, capital funding, venture capital, and a wide range of other interestesting topics in the world of Intangible Assets.

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Put It iN Thought

Your Insight Quote for Today

At Put It iN Thought We believe that "You are what you think."

Enjoy our daily insight thought focused on building confidence, joy, curiosity, and creativity. Zig Ziglar always encouraged his audiences to be the awesome person they were created to be. We agree! 

Along with an encouraging word, every day we highlight an interesting opportunity from one of our community partners. Check them out as you get charged up for your day.

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The 867 Foundation

Join to learn how to protect your Intangible Assets

The 867 Foundation is your one-stop resource to learn about Intangible Assets of every class, from Patents, to Copyrights and Trademarks, to Trade Secrets. We collect the best resources to help you navigate the complex web of Intangible Assets. Our mission is to help both individuals and businesses understand the importance of their Intangible Assets by Identifying, Protecting, Developing, and Leveraging them as high-value business assets. 

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Promoting Intangible iNnovation Today

An Innovation Leveraging Assets and Interest

PINT Group matches offers with demand combined with privacy. We provide emerging and growing business models audiences who have indicated and demonstrated interest in their offer while providing privacy to the buyer community. A blend of traditional marketing with emerging demand for personal privacy while maintaining active access in markets.  

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