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Derived from Agile planning concepts and similar to extreme programming, XPM is extremely flexible and able to meet complex problems that do not present a clear end state. XPM begins by creating a minimum value product which is the initial effort to determine a possible end state. This means delivering a minimum product in a short timeframe and then enhancing it or changing the direction as the functional requirements are revealed. This happens through a layered reveal of information related to the questions of who, why, when, and how much. 

Organized in sprints and iterations the idea of stories, and iterations delivered in short timeframes gives designers clarity in focus and when interdisciplinary teams work together great questions give rise to even better solutions quickly. XPM delivers a quick planning method based on pulling ideas from a collaborative cross-functional team rather than pushing concepts. XPM is the essence of design thinking at its best. This is often the fastest way to streamline business processes that seem broken or productivity that is stalled for seemingly unknown reasons. XPM thrives on the unknown and complex problems that are often the hallmarks of broken business processes. Get our XPM Team Planning Kit to get started on learning how to finally solve some of your toughest business and design problems.

Amteah Group uses use XPM for all our MAGY and XFT engagements. We discovered the methodologies for these products using XPM methods with clients over several years. They are the distillation of thousands of hours of consultive work would many different projects. Let us introduce you to this often overlooked and powerful problem-solving tool. 

XPM Team Planning Kit

  • Project planning templates.
  • XPM organization mindmap
  • XPM concept
  • XPM How To implement Guide
  • XPM Activity tracking sheets
  • XPM weekly planning guide - strategies and planning work effectively

XPM Planning Kit  $395


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