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Today's companies require Xross Functional Teams for success. If your company isn't aware of XFT project and design management you are headed toward failure in most cases. I know, because I faced this monster for years before finding how to make it work over and over again. Using XFT has been directly responsible for turning many failures into successes.  

You know how hard it is to understand today's market, but not having a broad spectrum look at the world, makes you likely to miss the most important element of your discovery - the birth of innovation. Innovation comes from putting together unlikely ideas. Disruptive ideas make old ideas obsolete and are discovered when new possibilities come together from unusual or unlikely sources. These ideas appear when XFTs get built and start to function correctly. If you've been working in a hybrid office environment, XFTs may be one of the key ingredients missing to bring staff together in ways that reconnect them and raises productivity simultaneously regardless of their location. Why? For the simple reason, that hybrid offices do not work like traditional offices.

Creating great XFTs isn't easy and keeping them working over time isn't always so easy either. So what's the secret? Our training starts you down the path of discovery to give your company the edge that makes XFTs work over time. What works for one company may or may not work for you, but there is one thing that is for sure - experimentation is your key to success. What we do know is then you get one working you can save up to 30% of your staff's time. That's like getting four people for the price of three. 

The XFT secret key is finding your current failures. Unless you discover your failures, you won't find the changes that lead to success. Failure is the lubrication needed for success when it comes to Xross Functional Teams. Allowing failure to appear is a key component of highly productive XFTs. It may seem counter-intuitive, but failure arrived at quickly, is often more efficient than safe answers. Especially when failure results in finding breakthrough combinations. Sign up today to learn more about launching XFTs in your organization.

Our XFT training modules show you the basics of setting up XFTs, their strengths, and the requirements for them to work. It follows up with the next steps from executive sponsorship and top-level management support for XFTs, to the implementation, support, and sustainability of XFTs. We help you understand how much time, resources, and effort to spend to make XFTs work well for you.

We answer the perplexing questions, "Are XFTs best focused on Products, Projects, or Processes?" and "Should XFTs continue after their charter is complete?" Since the XFT becomes your secret weapon, getting the XFT right is your key to being successful. You just may not quit once you get started.

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P.S. The XFT program is a great add-on to the MAGY program. You'll find they fit together like ABC.