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MAGY 3d Alt Book CoverThis three-hour workshop can literally set your company in a new direction, permanently. 

The Daily Defeat of Optimism
It's not uncommon to start a day with the personal conviction to make a difference today. You think, "I'm not going to let all that 'stuff' get in the way of doing what I know I need to get finished." But somehow somewhere along the way, you look up and you are neck deep in a fire drill that someone else created. Your priority for the day just got swept away and you go home stressed out and upset that your goals didn't get met-again!
It's an Epidemic!

Overworked staff is often a key contributor to project failure and staff turnover. If you want to propel your organization ahead of the others and experience a never-before realized goal of success, then you need to learn how to "Tame the Whirlwind" of ineffective activity. This workshop is what you have been looking for all this time.

Experience a Breakthrough
Our program will teach you how to:
► Identify the whirlwinds spinning around you
► How to identify the highest value activities that will deliver the greatest results when completed.
► How to bring a diverse group of stakeholders together around a common goal of achievement
and then rejoice in their victory.
► Learn what "Leading Indicators" are and how to score them for top performance.
► Figure out what game you've been playing - and how to change it to the game you really want to
play for success.


Not acting today means you continue to spend $1,000s on wasted energy and effort every day your ROF (Return on Failure) is huge every day and it is growing every hour. Turn your ROF off, by signing up for MAGY and go from failure to audacious goal setting.

     $595 Office Training Package (stand-alone) 
       Trainer's workbook and student handbooks

     $1995 Office Workshop*
       Interactive Training Workshop, handbooks, and "Train the Trainer" session.


MAGY = your Most Audacious Goal Yet

Once you find your MAGY, you'll want to check out our XFTs to help you achieve your MAGYs even faster.

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* Travel and expenses additional