In ancient Rome, Justinian decided to break the rules and build a building that had never been seen before. The result was a building that still stands today in Constantinople, Turkey, The Hagia Sophia. It was the largest Cathedral for over 1,000 years and changed the direction of architecture. All because one man dared to dream something differently. Justinian dared to innovate. His ideas changed the world and still impact us today.

If you are thinking of starting up an Innovation Center you need to have clear expectations for the results of your efforts. If you look at the most productive ICs in the world you have to consider Google's Innovation Principles. Google has arguably been called the most innovative company, worldwide, So I'll reiterate its guiding principles which drive constant and consistent innovation.

    8.+1 Be data-driven. Measure and measure again.

Each of the articles above is focused on how Innovation Centers can explode possibilities for your business.

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