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Asset Identification is an introductory program in our Intellectual Assets Mastery Program. The Asset Identification program is designed to train individuals and organizations to recognize valuable intangible assets (IA). How to document them, classify them, and then protect their development and deployment to assure their value over time. These are basic practical application skills not taught in business or law programs but are critical so so many knowledge and information-based companies. 

Classifications of potential IA:


    • Domain Names
    • Business and Trade Names
    • Corporate Structures
    • Copyright
    • Trademark or Servicemark
    • Patent
  • Unregistered
    • Public Domain
    • Confidential
    • Trade Secret

Our training will help both management and employees understand the role that IA plays in their organization and the importance of properly identifying IA so it can be properly managed for the benefit of the organization. This course is for the startup, small, and emerging corporation or nonprofit that grows out of a central idea that meets a larger need within a market. Understanding how to correctly identify the rapidly expanding IA in a small firm can become the difference between surviving or being absorbed by outside forces without any defense. . Also, understanding when the different registration services are appropriate and how to engage legal services when they are needed. More importantly, how to handle the vast amount of unregistered assets that are never going to be registered, but are important to the daily operation of the company. Finally, how to identify what may be, or is a trade secret and the rigid legal requirements for the protections that are needed to be in place to protect any valuable trade secret.  

All this and more is in this comprehensive introductory training. You will receive

  • model policy guidance,
  • along with inventory and
  • clear guidance for asset identification
  • The foundation for your new employee's introduction to IA

These are presented in a clear format that you can use as an ongoing reference after your training is complete. It is a prerequisite for our more advanced training for policy development, management guidelines, and asset development, and asset deployment. Each of these is a separate program for those who are directly responsible for developing and managing critical IA for any organization. 

In our survey of small and emerging companies represented at the 2019 CES show, we found that over 90% of firms had no kind of recognized training around IA in their firms. Even those based on software or specialized knowledge applications. Across the entire survey, almost 75% of firms of all sizes and maturity admitted that the loss of their central IA related to their product or service would mean the end of their company. This astounding research led us to develop these programs focused especially on the smaller and emerging corporate enterprises. 

Give your company the advantage of the education you need to survive in this competitive IA world. In this case, knowledge is more than power, it is the armor that will make a significant difference in the survival and growth of your new knowledge-based company.